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The Beat of Her Own Drum

Podcast Feature

Background: Real Stories

Episode 1

Parv Kaur is the UK's first female Indian drummer who has been performing non stop for 30 years.

She runs her business - the UK's first all female internationally renowned Bhangra team alongside her job as a Lecturer in Computer Science and her role as a mother.

Parv's passion for music stems from a young age when she watched her father become a successful musician. She knew she couldn't sing, so she had to think of another way to break through the male dominated Indian music industry and to make a name for herself.

She noticed when her father was on stage, there was always one musician standing next to him when the others were at the back - the Dohl player. The Dohl is an Indian drum which is carried around the neck and played with sticks.

She remembers the instrument being so loud that it doesn't need to be amplified like others on the stage. It was unique and played only by men.

Parv was not put off and joined her dad's band to learn the 'music life'. Years later, she formed her own band, Enternal Taal, based in Birmingham where she recruited young, likeminded musicians to perform at events nationally.

Life was tough when in an industry that didn't appreciate talent because I was female

She experienced comments, looks and judgements and had to find ways to prove herself. As she made the decision not to perform at Asian events, her talent was recognised by organisers of Glastonbury Festival, the BBC and Bollywood.

It was at this point, Parv knew her focus had to be on promoting culture rather than finding acceptance within it.

Parv's musical career has changed her life, providing her with opportunities she could only have dreamed of.

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